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Install A Rain Gutter And Protect Your Home From Expensive Damage

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by Terry Edwards

While installing a rain gutter may not seem all that important to many homeowners, it certainly is significant in keeping your home from experiencing water damage when it rains.

Gutters and downspouts provide protection in many different ways. They prevent wood rot, mold, leaky roofs, siding damage and water in your basement among other things.

A rain gutter collects water off your roof and down the closest downspout and away from your home. This will aid in preventing fascia boards from rotting out and water collecting around your homes foundation.

If you’re looking to install a rain gutter, it’s not that difficult of a home improvement project. If you’re a weekend handyman you can easily complete the project in a day. Stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s all sell gutters and downspouts to fit any home.

Now, if climbing ladders or doing home improvement is not for you, that’s no problem. You’ll find numerous gutter and downspout contractors that will do it all for you at a very reasonable cost.

You can do a search online to find several companies. Look in your local yellow pages, or even talk with your home improvement store for recommendations.

Finally, after you have installed a rain gutter, be sure to clean them out at least once a year. If your rain gutters are full of leaves, water will just back up and overflow down your house. You can have your gutters cleaned out for as little as $50.

Having a good rain gutter and downspout system installed on your home will go a long way in preventing future water and foundation problems.

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