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Gutters and Downspouts: What To Consider

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by Jason Brown

It would be difficult to imagine a home without gutters, pipes that typically run horizontally along the edges of a roof, and downspouts, pipes that connect and run horizontally down a house’s walls. Without them, surrounding soil would erode at a dangerously accelerated pace, foundation walls would crack or crumble, and your yard would be a muddy mess all because of the accumulation of runoff water from rain, snow, and ice.

Gutters and downspouts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. The best one for your home depends on the environment where you live and the aesthetic appearance you prefer.

The Environment The size and shape of a gutter is called the “profile”. The best profile for your home depends heavily on the amount of rainfall in your area. For example, an area with a lot of rainfall would most likely require a larger sized gutter for its capacity and ability to handle runoff water traveling at a faster speed. Larger gutters usually measure about 6 to 7 inches. Homes in areas of light precipitation require smaller sized gutters measuring from 5 to 6 inches.

Aesthetic Appeal Since gutters are visible on a house, it is important that they compliment their structure. The profile of a gutter depends on what best suits the aesthetic appeal of a house. Some homes may look good with box shaped gutters, while others may look better with K-shaped gutters.

Aluminum, steel, wood, or vinyl/plastic - the best material of your gutters and downspouts depends on what compliments your home. While steel, and even copper, were popular materials in the past, the gutters and downspouts of most homes today are constructed out of vinyl or plastic. These materials are economical as well as easy to maintain and repair. They also come in many shapes and sizes.

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